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Just got home with the breath-taking lamp they made out of one of those beautiful white porcelain columns with lots of pukas so it looks kind of lacey. They recommended lining it with rice paper and putting in a law wattage light to show off the lovely design. I'm so glad I took their recommendation. It's got a three-way switch, so I can read by it, have just the inside backlit for mood lighting or have them both. 

It's hard to find this kind of knowledge and dedication in any industry these days.

ML. C of Kailua

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We opened our doors in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1956, Toni's Lamps & Shades serves the people of Hawaii repairing lamps and shades and offering custom services.

What We Do

Toni's Lamps & Shades - Restore and rebuild your lamps or shades to its original beauty.  So bring in your lamps & or  shades for Repairs or fitted for Custom Shades.  We also have a team of professional to help you with Lamp Sales & Electrical needs.

HOURS:  TUE-FRIDAY (10AM - 3PM)   SAT (10AM -1PM)    CLOSED: SUN-MON   808. 591.2201

He's a sweetheart of a guy, funny, and this is one of the Honolulu style old nooks and crannies I love to visit! He  works 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, has a large selection of lamps for sale, too. Truly Old School! :)))

​Helen L.S.


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