COVID-19 Update                             March 25, 2020


To :      All Tonis Lamps and Shades Customers and Families

We understand the need to be safe and do what we can to stop the spread of Corvid-19. We are committed to making assurances that our products as well as our customers are protected in every way possible.

  1. Every lamp that is received will be greeted by an employee that has a mask and gloves.
  2. All items received will be wiped with an antibacterial spray upon arrival and departure
  3. All items that need to be picked up will be on an appointment only basis.  Just a 30min window is required
  4. All customers regarding items that can be delivered or picked up will go thru a questionnaire regarding the safety prior to delivery or pick up.
  5. All customers with pick up and deliveries will be asked to meet our staff outside their establishment
  6. We are also offering curbside pick up and drop off within a 30 min window please call prior

Custom Lamp Shades

​We can custom make any lamp shade you desire, we can design a work of art for you. If it simply recovering or making a custom lamp shade to enhance your room, we can do it all.

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​We have a variety of custom shades and lamps for sale. Please call for an appointment to selections.

Cutting-Edge Repairs

The best in lamp repairs, electrical and hardware. We will work within your budget call for a FREE Estimate.

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